Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Cunningham’s (9-30-08)

I thought of a funny story today.
When I was a kid, my younger brother was pretty quiet, bit of a loner, cute little blond guy. He was a might unusual in ways that not everyone knew about. Ways that you just kinda came up on and discovered. Like some people put on performances to get attention; be a clown, talk too loud or show off, not him. He did his funny for his own private amusements.

On to the story...

We lived in Detroit, Michigan, all city like, the urban jungle, Motown, and stuff.
At the end of our street was a busy street.
Our Mom would give us money to go buy bread or milk and we could get the left over change to buy Cokes or candy.
My brother was bad and got kicked out of some of the stores.
This posed a problem when my Mom asked him to go to the store, he in turn would ask me to go for him or with him and buy the goods so Mom wouldn't know her little angel was misbehaving.
One store that banned him we called "Julie's." It was kinda a deli/penny candy combo. I covered for him lots times by shopping at Julie’s and handing over the goods. Mom was none the wise.

Okay, so one day I witnessed his bad bad first hand.
The corner store was called Cunningham's. Think drug store with a soda fountain counter with stools.
We were enjoying nickel Cokes and maybe splitting french fries as we sat at the counter.
My brother knelt on the chrome edged green swirly stool.
He leaned forward across the counter, straw in mouth and blew real hard.
The straw wrapper rocketed into the face of the waitress with the puffy bleached white hair with black roots and bad jumbled teeth.
I saw the whole thing.
It was fucking funny.
It was bad.
They kicked him out of the store for his irreverent act.
The waitress was all mad.
I think I was shocked and amused.

Today I e'd him and retold the tale.
At first, he denied all charges.
In a later email, referring to the incident, he proudly said, “that was cutting edge comedy for a ten year old.”
He may be right.

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Steve said...

Tales are tales twice told I hear, both vivid and direc, which is very cool.

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