Friday, September 26, 2008

Settling Into My New Home

Hello boxes.
More stuff to sort and plant yet. However, I am enjoying setting up my new spaces - drapes, seatings, designing spaces, looking for things, fabrics, chairs, lighting...

My interior style is elegant, artsy, and funky.

Let me break it down for you:
Elegant - the red chemise drapes in the dining room with gold/black french regal patterns (2/3 wall w/striped wallpaper and molding, and black chandelier to come...)
Artsy - interesting seatings, colors, texture, mini library, planets (prints, paintings, art, photos and a art area with a longgggggggggggg table to come...)
Funky - voodoo dresser, black mermaid lamp w/globe, power chair (funk is the icing people and there is always more to come...)
IMAGES: Online inspiration
STYLE: Homeskillet w/pearls
MS. SMART: I have visions to conjure. Luckily I am good with concept and follow through. Steps, time, and money. My spell is spun, spinning...
QUOTE: "Create your own universe. Make it feel right for you. Go fancy, live large, be bright, be subdued, combine, don't hesitate." -Ms. Smart on interior design
LINKS: Go here now - She is amazing, always fresh with the design/art style tip - Habitually Chic and The French Bedroom Company, ou le tre' and Woodson & Rummersfield's , dreamy!

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Kim Grey said...

love your style & love the links!