Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fancy + Style + Culture

I dig fancy!
The sensual delight and special thrill of it.
Precious, refined items, style, yes style!
Brocades, lames, pearls, gold scrolls, ornate, details, black, wine, cocktails, travel, adventure, music, moldings, sequins, fine crafted leathers, lush velvets, silks so fine you can not feel them when you touch them, dark wood, intriguing color combination, fine china, hand etched crystal, placement, design, furniture, art, sensitive cheese plates, movement, facets, swirls of fabric, moods, museums, affairs, a cup of coffee, words, chandeliers, a life with fancy as companion internal and external...
Fancy couples with culture.
Ya with me?
IMAGES: Online - thank you
STYLE: Lush, provocative, inviting, fancy
MS. SMART: Style is so personal. What do you love? Embrace it, wear it, live it, be it out loud.
WORD: Taste = "the ability to notice, appreciate, and judge what is beautiful, appropriate, or harmonious, or what is excellent in art, music, decoration, clothing, etc." -
SOME FANCY I OWN: New York Interiors and Blue Journal and Bright Red Roses and Red Silk Chair and Dark Wood Four Poster Bed

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