Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Dining Room Dreaming...

I am thinking that leopard wallpaper would be fine to look at, live with, on a small wall in my dining room area. I want my dining room room fancy. Black chandelier, red chemise gold swirly pattern drapes and the leopard wall. Might go 2/3 wallpaper with crown moulding or full wall. First I was thinking of a stripe pattern, light gold background with thin red and black stripes.

I am totally loving crown mouldings. That whole French interior thing, ou la la.

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STYLE: Fancy, fine, elegant, blended, future-past, smart
MS. SMART: I love the Parisian interior mood, design, balance, fullness, uniqueness.
LINKS: Hello ebay and crown mouldings and ceiling medallions and "Fancy Doors" and New Paris Interiors

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Dana said...

I really like the formal dining room furniture.