Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Shit

1. Judi Dench = good candidate for a female wizard

2. Downtown Detroit is a ghost town.
True story:
Several years back on a vacation to the motherland, I requested a tour through downtown Detroit. I love big cities and that whole skyscraper thing - grand, majestic, powerful, good kickin' energy. However, Detroit was not at home, empty buildings, blocks of empty buildings. Houses and buildings partially torn down, with hot pink and orange walls as art, abandoned. A.K.A. Ghost Town baby. From my mental photo, I can clearly see now what I witnessed that day, an empty block of boarded up forgotten skyscrapers and store fronts, with a single remaining enterprise still taking care of business - Fifi's Wig Hut. It was wood panels nailed over windows with a hand painted sign in black. It was awesome. Fifi was still fighting for Detroit, doing her bit to beautify it one wig at a time. (I love that story.)

3. Contacting companies about bad products or service.
Do you? Or do you suck it up? I have been known to send an evil email or letter from time to time as my hackles warrant. I just sent one to a previously great Mexican restaurant which I had a bad food experience with, food not up to par, Saturday night dinner disappointment. :(

4. Goats have rectangle pupils, it's weird.

5. As far as standard, store bought, candy bars go, Reese's peanut butter cups and Snickers are top on my list.

6. Are business cards dead? Are podcasts or facebook, the new business cards?

7. If you did something and no one you know would ever know that you did it, what would you do? We self-edit because of this or that. Hopefully your edits are not too many. Be free. Let your freak flag fly.

IMAGES: Some dude named Derek in Detroit - his images rock and goggle image search
MS. SMART: I had a good day today. Successful work stuff. Went to the dentist. 90-some degrees out. I feel like reading. I miss music and must hook up my stereo soon! I think next year I will travel to Venice, Italy. I love the smell of sweet flowers - honeysuckle, lilacs, tuberose, roses, jasmine, and hyacinths. My mind takes flight...
QUOTES: "Fly's in the buttermilk, Shoo, fly, shoo, Skip to my Lou, my darlin'" -"a popular partner stealing dance from America's frontier period" hee hee and "White collar conservative flashin down the street. Pointin their plastic finger at me, ha! Theyre hopin soon my kind will drop and die but uh. Im gonna wave my freak flag high, high!" -Jimi Hendrix
LINKS: Goat world, who knew? and weirdness and Freak Flag good art and friggin' awesome pancake tattoo and le grande dame' artiste Marita Liula

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Kim Grey said...

That's awesome about goat's having rectangular pupils! I'm a Capricorn, so I'm going to try to remember that.