Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love Chanel

I love Chanel - there I said it again.

Settle in, turn up the volume, and feast on this:
Spring Summer 2009 Chanel fashion show

Give in, be hynoptized.
Pretty girls, gorgeous detailed clothes, high style, delightful accents, fancy, swung chains and pearls, always pearls, rich textures, bows, winged shoes, the models faces almost smiling - cherub angels that they are, the music of now and not, all spun under the heaven of the Grand Palais in Paris.
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STYLE: Elegant, there, together, very
MS. SMART: One day I will purchase a Chanel suit
QUOTE: "The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud." -Coco Chanel
LINKS: This cupcake girl did a very nice job with Coco Chanel notes and references another fantasy fashion show - check it wonderful images of Coco's Paris apartment, tidbits of info, luxe champagne metallic carousels of fashion - stuff that fancy dreams are made of.


Rachel said...

Chanel is very feminine.

Steve said...

I used to give Chanel #5 to my mother for holidays. It is instantly recognizable by any lover of perfume.