Saturday, January 31, 2009

Monthly Creations - Expressions Over Time

Time measurements.
The same sight seen through various points in time.
The same process preformed with varying moods and emotions and gained experience.
Life takes its own course.
Some of our paths we pick to go down, under trails, we are naturally guided through.
It's a mix.
How can one capture the moment, that time in space, where you are right now.
and where you will be in the next month and year later.
We grow, we change, morph, become enlightened, aware.
Experience rocks!

I came up with this today.
Check it.

Is there something you can do, create, monthly?
On the last day of the month

take a photo of the same location, outside your window, yourself, pet, your outfit
write about what is on your mind
make art
write a haiku
note what music you are listening to
jot down your latest purchase

pick something and start it today, it's the last day of the month

you could then take your month's worth of sameness and make a calendar for your self or give it to others
you could repeat the process for the next year on top of what you did this and measure your growth, changes

have fun with this

IMAGES: Photo of Ms. Smart collage Valentines Day art of Ms. Smart photos
STYLE: Thoughtful, creative, self-expressive, historical growth documentation
MS. SMART: I am itching to create art; it may be paper, photo, or haiku?!?!?!
QUOTE: “History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; Art has remembered the people, because they created.” -William Morris

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