Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Do Believe These Are Things To Consider

Suspend your beliefs
Just try it for a few days

Whatever you believe in as far as god, universal energy, light, spiritualism, pagan...
Let it go, stop it

What's left?

I did this last week for a days
It was odd
It showed me how much this is a part of my being Ms. SmartIt is also freeing, to not believe in anything
It makes you count on you
There is no help, only you and your actions
Thoughts don't count
If this is all there is, then how does this change things for you?
When you think of loved ones what do you do? Wish them well?
Are wishes spiritual?

It showed me how much I wish others well, send good energy out, pray, if you like, in my own wayIt is an interesting exercise
I recommend you try it

I have variants on my thank yous and requests
It goes something like this...

Dear god (god as a concept, the ultimate creative director - if there is one), the universe (all the planets, any livingness therein and the ever increasing universe), positive energy (people who meditate, pray, work for good, try, care, give, wish well), nature, and the future.

The future is my latest bit
Why not go forward with your desires for good?
Time is nonlinear, maybe spiritualism is as well

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STYLE: Mindful, a sixth sense, the spark of life, soul, the "on" switch
MS. SMART: It's good to think! I say black is the color of faith, of the things we believe yet cannot see.
QUOTE: "It is all here waiting for you. You have been led here, for a reason. You are reading this, for a reason. Nothing is by accident. Every journey is different, but the path remains the same. It starts from within." -Saint Germain
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(DISCLAIMER: My intent is to make you think, not make you mad, or challenge your beliefs. Go ahead and make your own world, have it suit the unique you, make you feel good, safe, and helpful.)