Friday, June 26, 2009

Open House

Interesting concept - "Open House"
I open my house to you.
I invite you in.
Vampires swoon to the sound.
Why invite your neighbor/strangers in?
Social mixing.
Human connections.

I live so alone.
My social extrovert self works 8 - 5...

I would like more friends.
To go to parties.
It cost.

I love my time alone, my way.

My most precious commodity is time.

I spent time on me and those special few.

I also enjoy haunting public places.
I bring my camera.
I note the occasion.

Invite me, I'll accept.


Kim Grey said...

If only we lived in the same place, I'm certain we would have a fabulous time hanging out together.

p.s. I'm drooling from these food pics!

Queen said...

My dear!
Our Palace is your Palace.
You would always be very welcome in The Kingdom

Queen Marie

Roger Fojas Photography said...

though she probably has little sandals on... I love that the host in the picture looks barefoot....

this looks like an Ogie planned party for sure