Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goals, Desire, Focus, Choices

I've been thinking...

Each and every, we have the opportunity to choose our mood, our direction.
I am strong. I am fun. I am succeeding with my goals. I am calm, balanced. I am happy.There seems to be a default "us", the person that surfaces when no one is around and after we have worked off all the stress and busyness out of our minds, had some fun, exercise, enjoyable food, and a good night sleep.
I get to this person over the weekend and try to hold onto this mood/being/way throughout Monday.
I am now trying to keep this going all the time.
To be me, my sentiments, 100%, all the time.

Others can throw us off our track - their wants, demands, bosses bossing, families, emotions, timing, unexpected changes need tending...
I challenge you (and myself) to remain centered, balanced, and true to your being.
No freaking.
No moody drama.
All in stride, your stride, your pace.
Ever notice your pace?
Physically, I have a slow walk. Mentally, I am a champion sprinter.
We feel best and do our best, when we can be how we want and interact in our preferred modes.

How do you want to be?

When that little anxious bug nips at me or an emotional pang flashes for attention, I switch gears. I purposely switch tasks and enjoy a pleasure, something fun - paint, write, read, take that walk for a frozen green tea yogurt w/mango, chocolate chips and almonds, go for a swim, light incense to infuse my realm in a luscious scent, tend to my plants, and select music to suit my mood.

We can choose to to be different and not give into the negative or the distracting.
I believe we can do this.

Do you set goals?
Do you make a plan towards reaching your goals?
Do you take the first steps?

Don't let the odd nugget of negativity distract you and reroute your course of happiness and fulfillment.

When you feel that pull, stop, acknowledge it and choose to do, be what you want. "Stay on target."

Believe and trust in your self.
Be confident.
Enjoy your life.


vicki archer said...

Good advice, xv.

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