Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Candy & Makeup

Oh, which one next?
Orange cream? Pecan walnut cluster cup? Dark chocolate cherry?Indulgence, your name is sweetness for the lips and through the lips.I did a girl thing and purchased candy and makeup in one fell swoop.
Once upon a time, I had a Popeye coloring book. Inside was art of Olive Oyl all legs and boots being chased by Brutus (or in some parts known as Bluto) and he had his fingers out all wiggling in front of him trying to catch her. The caption: "Oh, the price of beauty." hahaha I love that bit.I love red lipsticks! I love lipsticks. I have 100 lipsticks. Really!
I just adopted three more - bright orange-red, dark pinky-orangish red, bright solid ruby red!!! Yep my night's booty treasure consisted of makeup and a box of nice chocolates.Tra la la
I deserve it.

(FYI: Take note people, January 3rd = National Chocolate Covered Cherry day)


Kim Grey said...

Good for you. Girly treats are great fun.

What could be better than lipstick and candy?

Queen said...

Gosh if it's as hot as you say, best eat all your chocolates before they melt.
You seem a lot lighter of spirit, trust this means some of your work horror is behind you!
As for lipstick, I couldn't leave the house without a bright red mouth!

Queen Marie