Sunday, August 2, 2009


Friday, I went to the Norton Simon art museum after work.
They have a great collection of art!
There also is a small garden area w/big pond to stroll through.
It is a pleasant experience.THOUGHT:
While wandering the halls, galleries, I take the long glance and what catches my attention I am drawn in to take a two-inch close up study.
It was this close up view that set my mind down a thinking road...
The paint strokes indicate something - sheen and drape of fabric, smooth blushed skin, fresh cut lemon, city bustle and the crash of waves on a stormy sea.
From a distant we see what the artist intends.
Up close we see a series of paint strokes, colors separately laid down, blended, not, thick, washes, the build up of layers creating the illusion.

Magritte: "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" - "This is not a pipe"
This is only an indication.

Norton Simon Museum - Get a head full of nice art and allow your mind the freedom to wander as it pleases.

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