Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alchemists Abound -by Ms. Smart

The baker, cook, chef, as alchemist, indeed.

Nature's own ingredients whipped/frapped/sauted/baked, intended to enchant and revive the body, mind, spirit, will.

Ah, the wooden spoon empowered as wand, spell weaver.A pinch of this, that, fresh ground black pepper/eye of newt, same thing.

Grand thoughts flow from Merlin's and other universal powers, to pour graciously 1/2 cup at a time, into mind through body, hand, into stirred, chopped food; binding digestible, lunch size, magical potions.

Elements called forth! - Fire, water, air, earth, all precisely balanced, all on your plate, tongue, into one's being.
Spell cast special, super size for just a little bit more.Aye, barista, cocktailologist, come forth with your wares.
Clan relative of alchemist ingestion, your libation offerings welcomely move the mind and spirit.
Your liquid spells as transformer, paradigm shifts, impetus to evolution adventure, fuel for soul.Friends, I challenge your reception of food, drink, to lips - do not tread lightly upon fine dinning, as alchemist's intentions are amidst and cast for your pleasure, good health, and unknown mysteries of change.Salute! So be it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

! WANT !

When an asteroid of desire sharply orbited into me, I realized something I wanted.Funny how want hits you.This thought began with hearing an old acquaintance on NPR yesterday. She wrote a new book.
I logged on to to see what she was up to. I kept going, her web site, photos, her blog...
She has several published books.
She has been on several publication's cover or featured inside.
Good for her.
She stuck with her interests and has reached a popular measure of success.
I mean, npr is not too shabby a communication vehicle for a book review.
I was flashing past, who she was; now, much the same.

Enter asteroid.
I want a published book!
Enter epiphany #332.
I have wants that I didn't know. I wonder what else I want?
I am dedicating this weekend to uncovering and pulling my wants to the surface.
Gonna polish up those wants.
Gonna set goals of those wants, make plans, and take the first steps.This would all be under the guise of my work/life balance umbrella which I am still getting wet from, yet making progress on staying dry.

Less energy for them, more energy for me.Now, what do I want?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things I like...

I like lots of things.
You do too.