Saturday, September 19, 2009

! WANT !

When an asteroid of desire sharply orbited into me, I realized something I wanted.Funny how want hits you.This thought began with hearing an old acquaintance on NPR yesterday. She wrote a new book.
I logged on to to see what she was up to. I kept going, her web site, photos, her blog...
She has several published books.
She has been on several publication's cover or featured inside.
Good for her.
She stuck with her interests and has reached a popular measure of success.
I mean, npr is not too shabby a communication vehicle for a book review.
I was flashing past, who she was; now, much the same.

Enter asteroid.
I want a published book!
Enter epiphany #332.
I have wants that I didn't know. I wonder what else I want?
I am dedicating this weekend to uncovering and pulling my wants to the surface.
Gonna polish up those wants.
Gonna set goals of those wants, make plans, and take the first steps.This would all be under the guise of my work/life balance umbrella which I am still getting wet from, yet making progress on staying dry.

Less energy for them, more energy for me.Now, what do I want?


Kim Grey said...


Wants are good. They make us reach further, deeper, higher...!

Anonymous said...

Shaddep and git typin'! Tappa tappa tappa...

Walter Neiger said...

great story and pics ... very cool !
I need sometimes more energy too :)