Monday, November 30, 2009

Ode To A September Tomato*

Dear tomato,

I love you!
Your redness taunts me.
Your full lobes compel me.
I lightly salt & pepper your ruby lushness.
My lips to you in holy epicurean matrimony.
Ah, the inaugural taste bud explosion.Swept off my feet.
Danced round the room.
I reel.
Ripe, red, delicious, satisfying.
I surrender.

Desired sought - fulfilled.

Once upon a time in Leamington, Canada, there lived a giant tomato house/building. I bear witness. I was there. Rode there in the back seat of a Plymouth station wagon, facing the oncoming traffic, you know the seat. I received a small green plastic pickle pin, Heinz, from the big tomato people.

Monday, November 23, 2009

This guy is nuts!

This metal squirrel + fresh farmer's market organic walnuts = a remark he made.

I have this metal squirrel.
He gets angry when I don't fill his bowl with nuts.
But other than that, he's pretty slick.

I purchased walnuts from the farmer's market in Los Feliz, Sunday.
Man are they good!I just cracked and ate some and was reminded of what he would say about me, "you're a hard nut to crack."

I suppose I am just that.
Easy going with certain caveats.Walnuts are good for ya, eat up.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Fire Rekindled

Ignited"Because when I arrive, I, I bring the fire." -Kevin RudolfListen to this:
(Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf Ft Lil Wayne)
Watch this:
(SHOWstudio: Gareth Pugh A/W'09)
I am all of that.

Dark fire burning

If just but for a moment

Inside somewhere

A dark flutter passes

Moth to my own flame

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have this jar of marbles. It lives in a dish, on my dresser, in my bedroom. I start with an empty jar in the middle of the saucer and the marbles surround it. Oh, probably about 30 so marbles. Every time I do something special, grow, do the right thing even when it's hard, take the extra step, learn something, take that leap of faith, trust in my self and act bravely - I drop a marble in the jar.

Marble, marble... marble....... marble...

I love that jar.

When my jar gets filled with marbles, I write the date on a small piece of paper. I chart my growth. I then ceremoniously empty the jar, spread out the marbles and start over.The marble jar was a gift from back in 1991.

This is a physical act I do to acknowledge my own development.

I did good today. I stepped my game up. I came from my big place. I was kind and mentored someone who treated me like Cinderella last week. I got over someone getting under my skin, choose to be balanced and happy and to look at things from another perspective. I came from love. It worked. I rocked.I love that I live and learn, and realize it during the experience.

Life is good.
Ou, I just got a chill.

:)"Emotional growth has a lot to do with giving." -Elsa Mora
Oh you must go here: ( Her book is amazing! I purchased one for my sister. I think I need one as well.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Vast Universe

I had a great day!Veteran's Day = day off w/pay for me.
Slept in.
Coffee, blog action.
Went to Griffith Park and the Observatory.All cool space stuff, planets, stars, ideas, pendulums swinging on the Earth's axis. The best experience was the planetarium show -awesome! Big domed ceiling, loungey chairs, sound, clouds into stars, moon, sun, constellations, stories, concepts, Milky Way, Galaxies, black matter, black energy, the universe!
Ah, loved it! (Milky Way Galaxy - NASA photo)You and I are made of star dust. :)
Love that.Took photos.

Walked through the park in the dark.

Mexico City in Los Feliz for dinner and Margarettas.

Great day/night adventure.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Fortune favors the bold." -Virgil, Roman epic poet (70 BC - 19 BC)

"Fortune favors the bold." -Virgil, Roman epic poet (70 BC - 19 BC) Think about it. Be bold. Make that move. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I spy...

Tonight as I parked my car, in my assigned space, in my condo's building
My eye was caught by my neighbor's red truck parked next to me
I saw, in the back seat, a green gingham Baby Gap wrapped present and next to it a long black machine gun (They do not have children either?!)I'm gonna go with it's a fake machine gun, but it does not look like a toy
But why?
Why leave a wrapped gift in a vehicle?
Why have a fake black machine gun in a car?
And good lord, why the two items?!?!?!What a great combo!!

Baby Gap unopened green gingham present with a machine gun nozzle pressing into it
Good shit
I documented with photos, may share them with you later.

Life's a circus, gotta keep your eyes open

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day of the Dead

Devil's night
Happy Halloween - All Saints Day - Samhain - beginning of the darker half of the year - Daylight's savings time
Day of the DeadLots of days right in a row. Powerful time.

I love the Day of the Dead art, it's fun, colorful, slightly creepy.Skeleton art, sugar skulls, festivals, candles, food, music, remembrance, short poems "calaveras" mocking epitaphs of friends, describing interesting habits and attitudes or funny anecdotes.As a rule, I love shrines!

Ms. Smart's photos: The young Frida, The colorful skulls, The sugar skulls I made w/loved ones, The blue masked man, I created the voodoo dresser and it lives in my house.