Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have this jar of marbles. It lives in a dish, on my dresser, in my bedroom. I start with an empty jar in the middle of the saucer and the marbles surround it. Oh, probably about 30 so marbles. Every time I do something special, grow, do the right thing even when it's hard, take the extra step, learn something, take that leap of faith, trust in my self and act bravely - I drop a marble in the jar.

Marble, marble... marble....... marble...

I love that jar.

When my jar gets filled with marbles, I write the date on a small piece of paper. I chart my growth. I then ceremoniously empty the jar, spread out the marbles and start over.The marble jar was a gift from back in 1991.

This is a physical act I do to acknowledge my own development.

I did good today. I stepped my game up. I came from my big place. I was kind and mentored someone who treated me like Cinderella last week. I got over someone getting under my skin, choose to be balanced and happy and to look at things from another perspective. I came from love. It worked. I rocked.I love that I live and learn, and realize it during the experience.

Life is good.
Ou, I just got a chill.

:)"Emotional growth has a lot to do with giving." -Elsa Mora
Oh you must go here: ( Her book is amazing! I purchased one for my sister. I think I need one as well.


Walter Neiger said...

memories of the childhood, we played for hours with this marbles ... thanks for this refresher:)

Kim Grey said...

what a great way to remind yourself why you do what you do. :)

Queen said...

I need me some marbles.
I need to step my game up
Thank you for always making me look at things another way.
Queen Marie

jared said...

love it, what a great idea.
I still have my marbles from my childhood. I always kept them as it seemed right not to 'Lose my Marbles' and so keep them still.

Anonymous said...

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