Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had an excellent day!

My Mom called and loved her birthday gifts - clothes, two new outfits!! My dad said she put on a fashion show, hee hee. Living in the northern part of the mitten known as Michigan with 18 inches of powdery sparkly snow.Work was good, productive, flowed, had a few laughs and a few good surprizes.
I throw a lunch party for my staff at Christmas, we go out, we order in, cater.... this year I invited them to my home (this Thursday.) Today they asked if they could bring guests. :) Excellent! Sounds like a party.Been busy on a freelance creative branding project with some interesting men, and it is really coming together.

My son texted and reported A's in university-level trigonometry and biology!! I am so proud of him and his dedication to his schooling. It is so awesome to see him put in the effort and learning and reaching new knowledge heights. He is rocking the education tip big time!Every Tuesday, I go read for a half an hour to a group of 2nd grade kids. I love it! They are so fun. The kids are somewhere between little kids and knowing what is really going on, they still believe almost anything. They are playful and open-minded.So today I go in and they made me a gift. Each kid drew me a picture and wrote a note to me thanking me for reading to them each week. OMG! I am overwhelmed. It is pure magic. It is sitting next to me. I have not looked through it yet. While I was there, they huddled around me and showed me their page. "See, I made it red, because red is your favorite color". "See, I drew you reading to us." "I'm sorry I was crawling around on the rug and disrupting the class last time." "See this, as he shoved a small red box 3 inches from my face, inside a small tooth lay." I am so touched. The cover is red with colored tissue paper fancy around a big Thank You. This is the most excellent thing ever.My heart is full.

I have an excellent life and it keeps getting better.
I had to share.My cup runneth over, ah!


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Couture Carrie said...

What a lovely post, darling! So positive and inspiring!


Walter Neiger said...

as always ... a great and inspiring story and beautiful pictures ... have another excellent day :)

Queen said...

tra la la indeed.

Have a wonderful party on Thursday

Queen Marie