Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two things I heard twice today

What is that you say?
What is that you say?
When something is heard twice, please listen.
Pay attention.
It may be a message to you from the universe.

Participated in the New Moon, New Year meditation @ the Psychic Eye. "Forest" the leader of the talk and guided meditation was awesome. A bundle of good energy, on track, smart, connecting dots, tuned in.
Not intentionally, I saw the New Moon - Twilight movie tonight. (Yeah, I know teen age girl movie but there were vampires and werewolves and hotness.)

I heard, the sun is the center of the universe, twice today as well.

Last night watching a A Single Man, (go see it, very good film!) I saw a floating body in water, beautiful... poetic, unconscious, emotions, the inside out...
Tonight I saw a floating body in water, beautiful, dancing ever so slightly...

So I guess that makes it three things twice.
2+2 x 2+2 x 2+2 = message
I'll think about it.


Kim Grey said...

I agree. I believe if something is seen or heard more than once in a day or so, then it must be meaningful in some way.

Couture Carrie said...

So true, darling!
So true, darling!


Walter Neiger said...

yeah, think twice ... great, great message.

Miri said...

Love the last photo the most, It captures beauty.

And I really like your blog!! =)


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Hahaha, it happens to me too sometimes.
Hahaha, it happens to me too sometimes.

Oops :)

La La said...


It's "elemental" my dear Watson.