Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Every Tuesday @ 2:30

...it's me and the 2nd graders.I leave work, drive over the school across the street from my house, and read to the kids for half an hour.
My choice of book and activities.We have lots of fun!
I open up their minds and make them think.They rock so big.

Today was Space and Planets and Art.The Space story has chapters and I read a few each session.
Adventure: Two kids on the Moon.

Switched over to a cool ass Planet poem book.
Read a few poems.The finale was creating art planets. I cut out large and small planets from bright colorful paper. Draw planet on one side and write a space poem on the other side.

TRUE STORY: Today as I walked about the tables to see how the poems were going, one little cute cute w/combo big rick rack and baby teeth says, "Jeannine Smart, did you ever see Ninja Assassin?" I chopped in the air, hiyahhed and say, "No, did you?" He says, "Yes and guess what?!!? It's Rated R!!" He proceeded to tell of a basket, a sword, blood and me and his 3 table-mates all ew-ed and squirmed.As I downed the steps to the office to turn in my volunteer badge of honor, I saw one of the kids on the bottom floor. I said, "Did you escape?" He said, "No, restroom." He ran up the stairs, stopped, popped his cute little curly top head over the railing and said, "next week, bring treats!" I said, "I didn't know I could." He said, as ambassador for all children everywhere, "yes, you can!" I said, "like what? Cookies? Candy?" Him, "bring bread... you can't bring candy... bring cookies... bring chocolate chip cookies!" and he ran away.I love this experience I share with them weekly.What a treat to creatively influence children.
To share my joy.

Life is good!


Couture Carrie said...

Such a sweet post, darling!


Kim Grey said...

That sounds like a great time! Kids are so full of imagination and energy.