Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creative, Social & Good Energy Weekend

Friday = Art Night in Pasadena, CA
Free museums, music, travel by shuttle bus.
Social, cultural, fun - Love it!
Happens twice a year. www.artnightpasadena.orgSaturday is Fairy Godsisters get together dinner.FB group, spiritual intelligent women connections.
Many of the women I interact with on the group meditations I attend twice a month.
Meeting in person @ vegan restaurant in Hollywood for good juju exchange and fun.Sunday is a free Board Game Design creative workshop.
"lead by Senior Video Game Producer for Electronic Arts (EA), Michael John. He has given this workshop all over the world as a training exercise for high-level video game designers. The workshop will be both fun and challenging and could be a great tool for team building, visualizing strategic planning, and working both sides of your brain. You will leave with a template for you own board game."Cheers

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yellowy Mood

Yellow Haiku No. 17:
Radiating high.
Change your mood, bold, happy, fun.
No caution needed.(ART = Henry II, 1959)