Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm feeling fashiony - let's go!

A dangerous combination. Beauty undenied. Channel this vibe, take this ride, go forth and conquer. Work your style with conviction girls.

As thin as she was striking. Museum girl, classic masterpiece and bold nowish. While here, she's always somewhere else. Silent powerhouse with inner fever. Stand next to her and smoulder.

Simple, yet not. Black python fit leather middle. In-flight ends of skirt. Fly this get up with a sassy swing.

Clara, the angel that went out to play when she was told to sit still and wait. No. She takes summer on without a second thought. Heard she's got her eye on the Don Draper type back in the corner. Watch and learn as she reels him in.

I'm always up for sparkle and shine. Pearly glows and sun catching potentials shown bright on and in her. Classic stardom, her kingdom come. Step aside or bask with her.

Black, black, black. The textures strike glorious tones, subtle stripes, trouble, come hither, sass, playful. The eyes play while the fabrics travel and take you with them, just where she wants to go. Black is always the new.

The board room was never quite the same after Janette walked through the doors. Please hold handrail.

Not planned, intuited. Beauty, grace, fun, slung naturally together. Patrica wasn't one to be told what to do. For a good time call.